Monday, October 20, 2008



Such a nice, cozy scene.

Unless, of course, your name is Jacey-Kasey, and you're the bottom dog in this pile.

But I don't think she objected too much. She stayed there for a couple of hours before she wiggled out from under Sam.

Today (Sunday) was the last official day of my vacation. Monday begins the new work week...but my days off this week will be Monday and Friday, so I don't have to go back until Tuesday. But sometime tomorrow I need to get things organized. I need to repack the whole case of blades, shears, etc., with the newly sharpened things I picked up last week.

In craft news, I started three projects during my vacation...and I haven't finished any of them. But I'm making progress on all of them. And I've won a some eBay auctions for old craft magazines.


christie said...

Now that's a pile! My dogs would never ever go into a pile like that. My Heater wants to pile on Gemini so much, but barely gets away with touching him. Anything more than that, Gemini starts getting snappy.

LittleWit said...

Enjoy your last day off before you have to go back. :)

Addie said...

What a great picture! My boys will touch each other or at the most one will rest his head on the other's back or tush, but never a pile like this. I wish they would, it's cute!

Enjoy your last day off!

Maria Peters said...

Aww! I want to jump right in!

Enjoy your last day.

KF-in-Georgia said...

In any dog pile here, Jacey is on the bottom. She never gets on Sam. And they only pile up on the sofa, where there's not enough room to lie side by side unless Sam curls up. (Sometimes he starts out curled, then stretches out.) Jacey puts up with Sam if the temperatures are a bit cool; in warm weather, she just gets up and leaves.

Zan said...

Love the dog pile pic!!