Friday, October 24, 2008

Jockeying for space

It looks like cozy togetherness, with Sam hugging Jacey.


In fact, it's Sam, spreading out of his bed again, and hogging the sofa.

Mind you, Jacey's been known to spill out of her bed recently:


Sam showed up, looking for sofa space, and Jacey growled at him, which is why he's in the floor.

Sometimes, though, when Jacey spills out of the bed and takes up extra space, it's like she's mocking Sam just to make a point...


...which Sam decides to ignore:



Addie said...

That first picture is absolutely priceless. They look SO in love! I know that usually when my boys wind up in a pile, it's by necessity instead of genuine affection and cuddly-ness, but it's still so darn cute!

Zan said...

What's amazing to me is that they can actually sleep in some of the contorted positions they get themselves into. I love the snuggley pics. So adorable!

Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

Loved the photos!

dogknitty said...

How cute!! Too bad your doggies don't know how to relax :)

dogknitty said...

I thought about the pics of your puppies today. Met a lady at the dog park who had just picked up a rescued greyhound who had not been away from racing long. Beautiful boy. Kept him on his leash but he was very sweet and was loving all the attention.
Now I want one!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I think those hounds need bigger dog beds :-).


Mary-Heather said...

This is hilarious!! haha!!

I love it - dogs are so nuts!