Sunday, October 12, 2008

And then there was Plan B...

The white Clapotis is getting pretty wide (and I hadn't finished the increases in Section 2), and I'm starting to wonder if there's enough yarn for a decent length. I think there may not be...unless I rip back some of what I've worked. I don't have a good scale at home (I have a lame postal scale; there's a request for a good gram-scale on my birthday/Christmas wish list), but I think what I've done so far has used too much of the yarn to leave enough for a decent-sized middle section. And, the more I look at the "drape" of what I've done, the less happy I am with it. That lovely yarn deserves better.

After I finished bathing dogs at the SEGA kennel, I stopped by JoAnn's to return something I'd bought...and I wound up buying more yarn.


This is a bulky, fuzzy, and very pretty self-striping acrylic yarn. And it's making a lovely Clapotis.


On size 7 needles, this is working up into a nice, smooth, evenly stitched Clapotis, and it's striping very nicely. I'll work with this one, I think, and frog the white Clapotis. I can try again with the white yarn once I get a scale and can measure out the right proportions (and I'll use smaller needles). The general guideline says that a Clapotis uses 20% of its yarn in Sections 1 & 2, 20% in Sections 4 & 5, and 60% in Section 3. I think I'm at close to 25% of the white yarn in the incomplete Sections 1 & 2, and without a good scale I'd have a hard time trying to figure the amount of yarn to reserve for Sections 4 & 5. There's less of a problem figuring how much to reserve on the striped Clapotis, since I can estimate how much yarn to reserve based on the color repeats in the yarn, rather than trying to get an accurate weight.

Bathed some lovely dogs at the kennel, including the drop-dead gorgeous 3-year-old littermates Seco Twix and Seco Reeses.* Sam and Jacey went nuts when I got home and they got a whiff of greyhound all over my pants. They know when I've been around greyhounds instead of Labs or Goldens or Cockers.

*Reeses and Twix are part of a five-dog litter that included Seco Almond Joy, Seco Hershey, and Seco Mr Goodbar. The big boy, Reeses (he raced at 80 pounds), was a lackluster racer (23 races, twice finished first); sister Twix was better (37 races, six first-place finishes). Almond Joy, Hershey, and Mr Goodbar were much worse. All five candy-bar kids were red fawn dogs, and the two now in SEGA's hands are stunningly beautiful, and very calm, well-behaved dogs.


LittleWit said...

I really like the colors in your new clapotis. :)

Maria Peters said...

Check out your pic at

It was so good to see you yesterday! What is a "clapotis"?

KF-in-Georgia said...

In hydrodynamics, a "clapotis" is a "standing wave"--the wave pattern you get when an incoming wave hits something vertical (like a shore wall).

A designer created a drop-stitch scarf pattern, named it "clapotis"--and it's become a hugely successful pattern, with thousands of them made. The pattern is available on-line for free ( ), and there's even a Flickr group for people to show off their finished projects: