Thursday, October 16, 2008

Running around

Busy today.

  1. Pepboys for an oil change and to get a nail removed from a tire, and the tire patched. While I waited, I knit on my February Lady Sweater; it needs another 3 or 4 repeats before I do the garter stitch at the bottom...and then the sleeves.
  2. The veterinary ER to get copies of Sam's bills so I can file a claim with the insurance company. (I still need to go to his own vet to get a couple of more, I think. Maybe will do that Saturday morning...and take Jacey to get a current weight on her with their scales.)
  3. The library to pick up a book on hold: Now, Voyager. (Just glancing at it, I think it starts with the cruise where Charlotte Vale meets Jerry Durrance.)
  4. The county satellite office to vote: not. You can vote now if you go to the county's central location (someplace on Whitlock), but you can't vote at the other satellite offices until the week before the election. I'll try again, then.
  5. A Minute Clinic for a flu shot, and (surprise!) it was completely covered by the company health plan. (And, as always after a flu shot, I now have a sore throat. It's never the flu shot, when this happens; it's always allergies.)
  6. Costco--for lots of stuff: dog chews, chicken jerky for the dogs, sausage biscuits for me, a DVD of Meet Me in St Louis, three pairs (in one package) of magnifying specs for needlework. And lots of Diet Coke at a good price.

Tomorrow, I'm going up to my parents' place in the mountains. A cousin-in-law is in town for a friend's wedding, and she came in a day early so she could visit with my folks...and my sister and me if we could make it. So I'll drive up to see my parents for the first time in several weeks...and see Margo, too. I'll take some of my recent projects so Mother can see what I've been up to.

Vacation is nearly over, but I've seen next week's work schedule. I'm scheduled off for Monday and Friday, so I actually get to extend my vacation by one day.


Addie said...

Wow...I thought I was the only one with such a glamorous to-do list! Sounds like a very productive day!

KF-in-Georgia said...

Yep, the fun never stops around here!

It's been a two-week "staycation" since I couldn't afford to go anywhere, but it's still been expensive since I had to get clippers repaired and blades and shears sharpened for work (right at $200). Yeah, it's tax deductible, but that's only going to be useful next year; this year, I still have to pay the bill.

LittleWit said...

Sounds like a productive day and vacation. I can't wait to see your FLS done.