Saturday, October 4, 2008

More knittin' stuff...

(Yeah, three posts in one day. But I'm catching up on stuff I haven't had time to post about.)

I finished my grown-up's Baby Surprise Jacket.

Grown-up's BSJ_DSC00731

That is the most color-accurate photo I've gotten. This is the texture of the yarn--which is Lion Brand Homespun:


Homespun is an acrylic yarn (Were you paying attention to the previous post?), so this is fine over a shirt with sleeves, but it's not going to be comfortable on bare arms. That's fine.

I'm also starting the February Lady Sweater. It's another wear-over-something sweater, and I'm knitting it in an acrylic yarn.

Bernat Satin Wine Heather

The sweater has lacy panels, and since this is an acrylic yarn, I'll need to kill the acrylic to make the lace panels open up properly and stay open without repeated blocking. Here's a good use for that technique.

And I placed an order for yarn from KnitPicks last Sunday, and the yarn arrived Thursday.

There's this:

Knitpicks Laceweight_DSC00752

That's merino wool in a laceweight--880 yards. And this:

Knitpicks Shadow Laceweight in Oregon Coast Heather_DSC00756

That's merino laceweight--Oregon Coast Heather--1320 yards. And this:

Knitpicks Shadow Laceweight in Midnight Heather_DSC00760

That's merino laceweight--Midnight Heather--2200 yards.

I'm planning to knit some lacy shawls from all this yarn. I might wind up donating the shawls to SEGA to sell at the silent auction--while I take a tax write-off for the yarn. I get to have the fun of the knitting, and recoup the expense of the yarn. Yay!

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LittleWit said...

I need to try that killing the acrylic technique. :) The sweater looks great and your yarn looks soooo pretty.