Monday, July 28, 2008


Sam clearly has nothing better to do than scare me.

Last week on antibiotics, he drank and peed less than normal, but he seemed to have no problems.

Less than 48 hours after he finished the antibiotics, he's drinking nonstop...and peeing likewise. He's probably had 60+ ounces of water in the last 4 hours or so, and he's whining to go out to pee nearly every 30 minutes. (He's fallen asleep, so it's been nearly an hour now. But it was 8:25, 9:03, 9:35 after I started the actual clock-watching.)

Both dogs are going to the vet tomorrow. If I didn't already have appointments for them, I'd be calling first thing in the morning, anyway. The appointment is at 3:20. I've set an alarm to remind me to feed the dogs at 10:30 so they can have thyroid pills with food about 5 hours before their vet visit. (Pills with food 4-6 hours before blood is drawn.)

Sam's Choice. 00441
Month-old photo; he'd just had a bath. He wants a check for product endorsement.

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