Friday, June 1, 2007

A happy camper...

I ordered this blocking board in the evening of 24 May. The warning on the Joann's site was that I should allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Since I needed the doily blocked by 16 June for a bridal shower, I just crossed my fingers, since a 3-week delivery would get the board here by the Thursday before the Saturday shower.

The board came today. 8 days! Yippee! The doily is pinned and drying now. Pictures will be posted as soon as it's completely dry, but that won't be before Saturday evening--or maybe even Sunday. (Note to self: Buy white towels. If I had some thick white towels, I could have gotten out more water before I pinned the piece, but I'm not about to squeeze cream-colored threads in my spruce-green towels.)

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