Sunday, June 3, 2007

Boring craft countdown...

I'm working on the afghans for Daniel and Ashley. I really want to be working on a new doily, but I won't let myself do that until I get these afghans finished, which I'm foolishly hoping will happen by the wedding. I'm going to keep a running countdown.

The wedding is 14 July. I need to have the afghans finished by 12 July so I can wrap them before I leave town on the 13th. That means I have 38 days.

Each afghan is 172 rows plus, probably, 7 rounds of border; each border round will take about as long as five rows. That means the equivalent of 207 rows per 15 minutes per row. And there are two afghans. Right now, each afghan has 44 rows done...163 rows (each) to go. I'll need to average 8.6 rows a day until the wedding.

TCM is showing the Wizard of Oz right now; Spirited Away comes on at 9:45 Eastern. Movies to crochet by...

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