Sunday, June 10, 2007

Afghan countdown...

30 days to go. Daniel's afghan: 64 82 of 207 rows--125 rows to go. Ashley's afghan: 71 76 of 207 rows--131 rows to go. Need to average 8.5 rows a day.

I got a little work done Friday morning while I was waiting for the FedEx delivery of proofreading work. I worked on the proofreading all day Friday, and I got an extension to work on the rest of the stuff Saturday night after I got home from the grooming salon. It's finally done (after all night Saturday), and I'm spending my Sunday afternoon/evening off working on the afghans again. One thing I'm sure of: Daniel and Ashley will find these things are warm.

Originally posted: 10th-Jun-2007 09:11 pm

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