Monday, June 11, 2007

Afghan countdown...

29 days to go. Daniel's afghan: 82 84 of 207 rows--123 rows to go. Ashley's afghan: 76 90 of 207 rows--117 rows to go. Need to average 8.3 rows a day.

Have I mentioned? It's 143 stitches per row. 172 "real" rows (the rest are the border rounds). 24,596 stitches (plus the border). Per afghan.

But it's really only two stitches: double crochet and front-post double crochet. Three of one, three of the other, all the way across. Can you say "boring"? I rarely can stand to work a second afghan in a pattern I've just completed. In this case, I had just finished this afghan for my cousin's baby:

For Shari's baby

The afghans for Daniel and Ashley are the same stitch pattern, just worked with a larger hook, thicker yarn, bigger color blocks before I change to the alternate color, and a wider border. (The colors are way off in these photos.)

His and Hers progress

Better color:

Color Swatches

I'm really looking forward to finishing these. I know the kids will appreciate these once the cold weather sets in. And I'll appreciate having them out of my sight...

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