Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Greyhounds in movies

Probably all dog lovers watch for their favorite breeds in movies and television. Greyhounds show up briefly in the good Pride and Prejudice (in the long version on DVD--Darcy has a pair on his estate).

In the original film version of The Lion in Winter, there is a greyhound in the scene when Henry comes out of Philip's room after just learning that his sons have betrayed him. Henry stands on the stairs, screaming, "God damn you! God, damn you!" while a red-fawn greyhound (like my Sam) stands behind him on the stairs, with his head cocked to one side, listening.

I'm watching the new(er) film version of The Lion in Winter--this one with Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close. Henry comes out of Philip's room after the betrayal scene, and this time he doesn't scream. He just sits down on the stairs and murmurs that he's lost all his sons. He hugs and pats and the ear of a red-fawn greyhound.

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