Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sam. Again.

To date: Last April--Two packages of cream-filled chocolate cookies and assorted packages of crackers. August: Ben & Jerry's ice cream. In the fall: Twenty pounds of Nutro Ultra kibble. January: A bag of Valentine conversation hearts.

Yesterday: A bag of potatoes (not his first, I might add). I snatched the bag back, but I didn't know the little *%$@! had stashed one. Later, I found him eating his raw potato, and he growled when I started to take it from him. I just grabbed him by the snout and held his mouth closed while I took back what was left of the potato. (Not much.) It doesn't seem to have made him sick.

Last night, I opened a box of animal crackers. Not the little single-serve boxes, but a larger one (16 oz.). I put the closed box back in the kitchen, at the back of the counter. And Sam didn't see me do it.

Yeah. I came home tonight to two-thirds of a box of animal crackers spread over the carpet. And they're too big to vacuum, except for the crumbled bits where Sam battered the cookies with his muzzle. So I picked up. And vacuumed. And a disappointed (still muzzled) Sam watched.

And after their dinner, Sam and Jacey scoured the carpet for the rest of the crumbs.

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