Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sam and the Valentine's Candy

I went grocery shopping. It's awful how needing "just a bit" of stuff turns into such a big bill. The stores have Valentine's candy out already, and I bought a bag of the conversation hearts.

I got home, killed a little time, then went to the greyhound group meeting tonight. I got home to the dogs and found...

Well, remember a few months ago, when Sam covered downstairs with 15-20 pounds of dog kibble? Even though he was wearing a muzzle? With a poop guard?

A bag of conversation hearts doesn't give him quite as much ammunition, but it gives him...enough. Dining room, living room, over and under his bed, and even a few halfway up the stairs. Which prompts two questions:

1--How the hell is he getting them up the stairs? He's muzzled. With a guard. He can't put them in his mouth, and surely he's not wedging them between his toes!

2--What was he doing taking them upstairs? I'm not silly enough to think he was taking them up to Jacey in her crate. He doesn't willingly share with her--especially if he can't have any, himself. Perhaps he planned to put them down just out of her reach, to tease her. But I think he really just wanted to stash a few pieces away where I might not find them when I came home.

I've been home for about half an hour, now, and I've vacuumed up all the candy. Sam's walking around forlornly, hoping to find a piece I missed.

Dream on, boy...


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