Friday, January 26, 2007

I <3 greyhounds

(Like you didn't know that.)

I took Sam and Jacey to a Garden and Patio Trade Show today. The greyhound group was invited for a second year. We take our pets to let people who've never seen a greyhound in the flesh find out what they're like...and we take adoption information to give out.

Jacey was a bit growl-y at the beginning...about the other dogs, not about the people. (The people stopping to pet dogs were hers--and not for sharing.) She doesn't bark, and she doesn't growl loudly, but I kept my hand under her chin so I could feel when she was growling. It took a couple of eyeball-to-eyeball discussions (her eyeballs and mine), but she calmed down. But she pushed out to the front of the pack when people came by, and she loved all the petting, including from the kids.

Poor Sam was nearly driven crazy by the people coming to our booth with bags of nuts in their hands. (The nuts were available at Trader Joe's booth.) Sam didn't know what they had; he just knew it was food and it was in cellophane bags that crackled so invitingly. He sat politely in front of anyone with the cellophane bags, and I'd pop a piece of kibble in his mouth. It was funny to watch him be so hopeful.

We were there about four hours. And we certainly convinced people that greyhounds are not high-strung dogs. At one point, all six dogs present were sacked out on beds (or the bare floor) snoozing...resting up for the next crowd.

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