Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We're home.

Sam was harder to get under than the vet expected, but he's been waking up for about two hours longer than Jacey. He's lying in the floor, but he's just acting "tired"--he's steady on his feet when he walks, and he's already visited the water dish.

Poor Jacey. Her eyes are open, and that's about it. She looked more alert at the vet's because she was walking in circles in the crate. But when I got her out, she walked a few steps, then stopped at the doorway where the floor changed colors from one room to the next. I think her depth perception is still affected--and I think she knows it and was afraid that the color change signaled a step up or down. Anyway, she's getting carried a good bit. (Good thing I can lift and carry a 55 pound dog.) She's on a dog bed and shows no interest in moving, getting something to drink, or anything. She's going to have a very quiet night. In a while, when she decides she's interested in food, I'll give them both something light for dinner. They can go back to their regular food and drink tomorrow.

If one or the other of them is "off" tomorrow, I might take them both to work with me. I have to be in from 7 to 3 tomorrow. We probably won't be too busy, so we can afford two kennels for non-paying guests and I'll be able to keep an eye on them. Both dogs need baths, too. There is clear evidence of stressed dogs who have panted and drooled all over themselves. Ick.

UPDATE: Jacey's more herself, now. She's so-far back to normal that she's trotting behind me every time I go near the kitchen. They've both had a bit of dinner and a little water. Right now, they're both sacked out on the sofa.

Right where they belong.

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