Monday, February 5, 2007

Dental Eve

I'm about to give Sam and Jacey a snack and a last drink of water for the night. The water dish comes up at 11 pm. They're due at the vet's between 8 and 9 am tomorrow for their dentals. Right now, they're curled up on the sofa, sleeping, and have no idea what's in store for them. (Sam is sleeping with his head on Jacey. Jacey is growling in her sleep.) The vet called with the results of their bloodwork. Jacey's thyroid numbers are low, even for a greyhound (they have chronically low numbers). Since she's not showing any other signs of thyroid problems (her coat is terrific--nice and thick, her weight is stable, she's certainly not lethargic), we aren't going to start her on meds right now. Sam's urine showed a slight trace of red blood cells. My vet consulted with another grey-savvy vet, who said it's not something to worry about. I'm trying not to fret about the dentals tomorrow and about having my guys anesthetized.

We'll sleep a little late tomorrow. I'll get dressed as soon as I get up. Then I'll take the dogs out--for their morning walk, they'll think. After the walk, I'll stick them straight in the car--before they have time to start agitating for breakfast. I'll get something to eat after I drop them at the vet's. When I get home, I may go back to bed. It might be nice to have the bed all to myself; on the other hand, I might just lie there and fret. If that seems likely, I might try some housework. And I have to do my taxes, but I'm still waiting for a 1099. (My next day off will be Sunday, and I can do my taxes then...if the 1099 finally shows up.)

I've e-mailed a print job to FedEx-Kinko's. It's the premium list for the SEGC's next lure coursing event. I love being able to e-mail the files over, then call with printing info: four PDF files, each with two pages that print back-to-back, printed on Ivory paper, 75 copies each. No folding, no collating. Call Kinko's to confirm, then pick up the job when it's done. (I'll pick it up in the morning on the way back from the vet's.)

It's 31 Days of Oscar on TCM. Tonight: The Hurricane, Wake Island, and the Maltese Falcon (on now).

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