Saturday, June 8, 2013


Silver and I did the meet and greet this morning in the Marietta Square. Silver has a fan club, and one little girl showed up about 8 o'clock looking for Silver.

I showed up at 9 o'clock.

We had a good crowd. Silver was her usual charming self, and she and Lily Moran have learned to get along. (Actually, Lily is much better mannered than she was last year.)

After that was WWKIP Day. We had a small turnout, and it was hot. I worked on my BSJ--and I got sunburned.


Lovin' Knit has started carrying Barbara Benson's patterns. Pat (store owner) wants some samples to display, but they need to be knitted with yarns she carries. That requirement rules out my Curiosity in Rios:


But my Golden Lion Throne in Classic Elite Bam Boo is okay:


And my No Mr Bond, I Expect You to Die will work--if I can get it finished. (I haven't pushed on this because it's going to be a Christmas present.)


But for the short-term, I'm going to knit a hat for the Hats for Sailors group. I'll use Barbara's Cross Stitch Mock Cable Hat pattern and a ball of Liberty Wool:


I'll loan the finished hat to Pat until November, when I'll need to send it off to the Hats for Sailors group.

1--Just 2.5 hours of freelancing tonight. I've now completed both the jobs due this weekend. More work, please.
2--Poop is good, so we'll try a second round of turkey necks tomorrow. I may just give Silver hers in her crate to start with (but take the bedding out first).
3--Red fingernails!


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