Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A quiet Wednesday

I finished the baby blanket this morning, then washed and dried it. (Acrylic yarn, and it'll get machine washed and dried its entire life, so might as well start now.) The final size was 35" x 33" because it draws up vertically. I should have gone longer, but I thought it would stretch on its own. (And it will if it's stored hanging up rather than laid flat.) But it's plenty large enough.


My next planned projects were 1--finishing the toy pink elephant I started over the weekend, and 2--starting another baby blanket. Instead, I immediately started on a Baby Surprise Jacket to match the baby blanket. (So much for planning.) The BSJ now becomes my most urgent project because I need it finished (including buttons and seams) by June 23. I don't need the elephant until the first Saturday in July, and the baby getting the second blanket isn't due until September. (I'm still debating which pattern to make for that blanket.)


Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I need a fairly mindless project I can work on while I chat with other knitters at Lovin' Knit Studio on Saturday afternoon (1-3pm; bring a lawn chair--and a project). If I get this BSJ to the right point, it'll fit the bill. I'm using yarn leftover from the blue baby blanket. (And if you see knitters--or crocheters--stitching in public on Saturday, now you know why.)

While I knitted today, I watched Ciaran Hinds in Persuasion. Then I watched the Braves game. (Julio Teheran got 7 and 2/3 innings through a no-hitter. Braves beat the Pirates 5-0.) Now I'm watching Season Four of Doctor Who on DVD. This is my favorite season of Ten's stories. Catherine Tate was wonderful, and she got such great stories. (But lots of tearful ones.)

I think I'm going to watch some Firefly on Netflix tonight. I never watched it when it was on the air (I don't watch many TV series), but I have lots of friends who love it. I can watch and knit. (A BSJ is all garter stitch, with occasional decreases and increases.)

1--It's thundering nicely outside. Sam's sound asleep. Silver just got startled awake, but she'll go back to sleep. She's fine with the thunder as long as she's touching me.
2--Good, solid poop from the dogs. (I'm tracking this because I'm about to try raw turkey necks on them--as soon as I go shopping. I had trouble years ago with Sam and Jacey. But Jacey is gone and Sam is now on a maintenance dose of metronidazole, so we'll see if the dogs can handle the necks and thereby improve their teeth.)
3--Haven't redone the nails yet.

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