Friday, June 7, 2013


If you look very closely, you can see that Sam is holding something in the side of his mouth.

Turkey Neck #1a

It's a turkey neck. And he's holding it--not eating it. You'll have to ask him why he held the thing for ten minutes before he decided to eat it. He's had turkey necks before. He knows what he's supposed to do with them.

Silver, on the other hand, may not know. Certainly, she didn't appear to have a clue. She took the neck out of her bowl and put it on the doormat. Then she licked her empty bowl and laid down next to it.

Turkey Neck #2

After Sam finished his neck, I put him in the house, in case she was feeling intimidated by him (although he was tethered 10 feet away from her and she's never--ever--been intimidated by him for even a second).

Turkey Neck #4

That didn't work, so I moved her forward to the comfortable mat where Sam had laid (and which I now needed to wash).

Turkey Neck #5

Finally, I brought her back in the house and put her in her crate. She was appalled when the turkey neck joined her.

Turkey Neck #7

But I left her there, and within 5 minutes I heard crunching. Less than a minute after she started, she was finished.

I let her out. I let the bedding from her kennel join the other mat in the laundry, and I ran their bowls through the dishwasher. (I only ever run the dishwasher to clean dog dishes. I can just hand-wash my own.) I'm hoping the next experience with turkey necks (probably Sunday) will go a bit smoother. Honestly, though: who'd have expected greyhounds to have such a hard time figuring out food?

In July, Craftsy is having a mystery KAL for a pattern by Stefanie Japel. No idea what the project is, except that the come-on called it just complicated enough to keep your interest, while still being portable, easy to pick up, and easy to put down without losing track of what you're doing. $14.99 for the class, pattern and some scrumptious yarn. This is not remotely an accurate color representation of the most lovely blue-green fingering weight Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in the 5655 Como Blue colorway:


(Even the photo here is inaccurate. The yarn is closer in color to the Jade (5627) sample.) I'll get pattern info about the beginning of July. It's good to have a project for July: most of what I've got going now is due in June.

I got the restarted BSJ far enough along that it's mindless knitting for the next 20-something rows, so I can work on it tomorrow afternoon at our local WWKIP gathering (they're long rows). Silver and I will be at the Marietta Farmers Market meet-and-greet in the morning. I had about 4 hours of freelancing to do today, so I didn't get a lot more knitting done.

I'm about to do the fingernails. After that, I have freelancing--one project that's all here and ready to read, another that I'm waiting for feedback on. They're both due sometime this weekend.

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