Saturday, June 22, 2013

Busy Saturday

I haven't posted for a little more than a week. There's financial stuff hanging over my head, but it's not something I'm going to discuss on a public blog. It was/is so annoying, though, that it's playing a major role in my thoughts, and it's hard to conjure up a blog post while I tiptoe around money issues. But let's see what I can do here...

The dogs touched each other while sleeping.
This is an accident, not a detente.

The dogs have had turkey necks twice since my last post. The first time, the dogs finally ate the necks without a problem; then Silver came in and upchucked hers on the carpet. She cleaned it up herself, and I discouraged Sam from trying to help. The second time they got necks, everybody ate, no one threw up. We may be making progress. More necks tomorrow.

At his age (he's 13), Sam has trouble staying cool, even with limited trips outside and with the AC running in the condo. But he understands what to do with a box fan: lie in front of it. Once he cools off, he moves to a comfy bed.


The baby sweater is finished, but I'm holding off on the photos. This blog posts to Facebook, and the mom is on Facebook. The shower is on Sunday evening (the 23rd), and I'll come edit this post to add photos after that. (So there, Cherelle!)

(It's Sunday night, and the baby shower is over.
I can post this now.)

I started knitting a Curiosity shop sample for Pat at Lovin' Knit. Pat chose Cascade Heritage 150 Paint yarn in "fall foliage" as the yarn. I got off to a good start, but I've had to put it aside for a bit.



I put it aside because on Facebook last Friday, a request was made for 25 volunteers willing to knit a hat for Halos Of Hope (chemo hats for cancer patients). The yarn is being supplied by Buffalo Wool Company, and we're supposed to mail the hats back to them within 30 days. (Buffalo yarn is pricey, and this is very generous of them.) I sent off an email. I didn't hear from them and didn't know if I'd made the cut of volunteers until I went to the mailbox Friday and discovered this:


The yarn is half a skein of Tracks in the colorway Mojito. Tracks is a sockweight superwash fingering that's 90% merino wool, 10% buffalo. There was a suggested pattern we could use, but I'm not really fond of it: it may be fine, but if I had cancer and was losing my hair, the last thing I'd want to wear is a hat that screams "I have cancer and I'm losing my hair!" Instead, I've chosen a nice, stylish slouchy hat pattern that I hope might be acceptable to any cancer patient, including a man or a teenager.


As it happens, Interweave is having their summer book sale, and I had already shopped and put a couple of eBooks of hat patterns in my shopping cart. When the Tracks yarn arrived, I just paid for the books, downloaded the PDFs, and got to work. There's a little uncertainty regarding exactly how much yarn I received (it's a "half-skein"--a full ball is 400 yards/100g, by weight (63.3g) this may be 250 yards) and precisely how much yarn the hat requires (the pattern calls for a yarn that comes 459 yards to a ball--but does it use 459 yards?). There'll be measuring, weighing, and lifelines involved--just to keep this interesting. (One thing I learned when I accidentally dropped my needles out of row 3 of the ribbing and had to rip back and start over: this yarn doesn't frog happily.)

And Craftsy had a special yarn sale on June 21. I bought 20 balls of Cascade 220 Superwash Tweed at an excellent price. The yarn is 10 balls of Chocolate Tweed and 10 balls of Ocean Tweed; the colors are nice, and even will work well together. Since there are 10 balls in each color, I'll be able to get more completed hats (for Hats for Sailors) from this yarn than if had I bought all different colors since leftovers from a couple of hats can combine to make another hat.

Today was a meet and greet in the Marietta Square. Seventeen greyhounds! Great crowd, lovely weather, and good donations. Since we got home a little after noon, Silver has gotten up to eat, drink, and pee; she's been unconscious the rest of the time.

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