Monday, August 4, 2008

Olympic Update

I got all my Ravelympic projects lined up and ready to go on Friday. So now what?

Last night, I made a couple of trial runs on the kitty squid toys. The pattern is easy and works up in less than two hours.

But I was hoping to make some of the squid as dog presents, too. Sam and Jacey have vetoed that. While cats might like dangly toys with dangly legs and tentacles, the dogs think the squid are boring.* So I'll have to come up with something else for a dog toy, and I've got an idea of something to make. There's a "freestyle" Ravelympic category a made-up dog toy can fit in.

But I still need something to do between now and Friday. Shoot, I even cleaned the kitchen, today, and I don't want something like that to happen again any time soon. (I was trying to find the stove...buried under bags and junk. I cleaned it off--cleaned other stuff, rearranged things in cabinets. I even cooked something. It was awful, and I'm firmly committed to letting the stove stay idle for another three or four years.)

So I've decided to ignore the countdown to the Olympics. I finished one of my WIPs tonight (well, it's finished enough to block; then it needs a minor addition). Tomorrow I might start one of the unlikely-to-be-completed Olympic projects that I wouldn't mind putting down on Friday to dive into the real contenders.

I've got two icons for my Ravelry projects.


And when I jump the gun on a project:

False Start

Once I get through these projects, I have a couple of for-me projects in mind. I want to make something lacy--a shawl or a scarf. And I want to make something crazy. I've got a pattern for Molly Weasley's sweater (from the second movie). The pattern I have isn't perfect--not quite right--but it'll be enough to work with.

*Of course, it's remotely possible that my dogs are well trained enough to leave my craft projects alone. Nah. The squid make boring dog toys.

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