Friday, August 15, 2008

2008 Ravelympics--Day 4 (or 8)

More freelancing on Thursday. Once I got it done, I stayed up late, working while I watched Greer Garson movies on TCM. (Rita Hayworth today. Astaire on Saturday; Kelly on Sunday.)

Today (early this morning), I finished the BSJ for Shari's baby. After that, I made the matching baby booties:



The buttons actually are light green. These photos had to be color-adjusted in Corel. I still don't have a camera that gets purple properly.

I still have 15 projects lined up for the 2008 Ravelympics, but I've finished the more urgent projects.

I started the Mermaid scarf, which is a crochet pattern. I found I disliked the pattern (honestly, forty removable stitch markers?), so I hunted up a different scarf pattern found a nice knitted feather-and-fan pattern that's easy to memorize. I worked a few inches, and I'll take the project with me to work on at lunch. I have some tiny projects queued for the Ravelympics--little cat toys that take less than two hours each--and I'll work on them some evenings, when it's quiet, and maybe too late to work on other projects. Otherwise, I have two more days off during the Olympics...unless more freelancing work turns up. I have one tank top queued up, but that's the project I think I'm least likely to start. I also have a "paw cozy", which might be a quick project. Beyond that, I have some doilies--some fairly easy ones and a couple of smaller but more complicated ones. And there's a Sheldon, and two more BSJs in line. Plenty to do, but none of it "urgent."

Sam's still drinking a lot and peeing a lot. And the vet hasn't called with a new dosage for Jacey's thyroid pills.

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