Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Ravelympics--Day 2

Yeah, I know. Today is Day 5 of the Olympics and the Ravelympics. But it's my Day 2, since I lost Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to freelance work. And today I had a good day.


That one is blocking. I'll post a better picture once it's dry and unpinned. The pattern is called Sweet Dreams, and the piece is blocking out to 21" x 15.5". The thread is Ecru DMC Cébélia Cotton, size 10. I used a 1.65mm hook, which is larger than the pattern specified, but my thread crochet stitches can get pretty tight.

Sam finished the last of his Cipro last night. Today, my day off, he's been drinking nonstop and peeing like crazy. This may just be opportunistic drinking: he can do it because I'm here to refill the water dish and to take him out when he wants to go.

Except that it's raining outside, and he doesn't like going out in the rain. So if he's still drinking, despite the rain, it's maybe not opportunistic.

I'm going to send an email to the vet. I think I need to take Sam in for another urine sample to see whether this is really something--or not.

Meanwhile, Ms Crustybutt is much better. But she looks even fatter, to me. She's been on reduced rations of 2.5 cups a day, and I think she's still putting on weight. I want to run her by the vet's office to get a current weight on her, even if we don't see the vet. And now that the skin trouble is cleared up, we need to start her on increased thyroid meds and get her weight under control.

So hurray for the freelance work. It might have eaten into my crocheting time the past few days, but the money will be welcome since I see some vet bills in my future. (Time to buy heartworm meds again, too.)

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