Saturday, January 17, 2009

Timing is everything.

I'm sitting on the sofa, watching Bleak House on DVD, and two-thirds of the way through a peanut butter sandwich, when my computer beeps to tell me there's new mail. I click over to Outlook and find this from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

FDA: Don't eat peanut butter

More than 450 people have been poisioned, and six people have died, as the result on of a Salmonella outbreak. A Blakely, Ga. peanut plant may be the source of the outbreak.

(Yes, that's copied and pasted, and no, the AJC can't spell poisoned. And "the result on of"?)

When I read the article, though, they weren't worried about peanut butter purchased in jars from the grocery store (which is the source of the peanut butter in my sandwich). They're worried about peanut butter on packaged the ones I eat for lunch at work. Every day.

So far, the recall is for Austin's, Famous Amos, and Keebler's packaged crackers--and mine are Ritz and/or Lance. But I think maybe I'll find something else to eat for lunch tomorrow.


Zan said...

Hmmm......I ate a package of peanut butter crackers for lunch today. I think they made by Lance (at least I hope so). Hopefully there will be no unpleasant repercussions!

Zan said...

Correction...I think they were made by Lance -

At least I'm in good company, the AJC can't proof read either - but then I never claimed professional status.....

LittleWit said...

Heh. Timing is everything. I am fairly certain that I would have continued to eat my sandwich while skimming for the recalls. ;) I tend to not believe the "media" that and well bacteria is my friend :D

Maria Peters said...

I LOVED The Bleak House! Hope you did too!