Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sixth of the Sixth

I was tagged on a meme to post the sixth photo in my sixth picture folder. Unfortunately, I recently archived tons of photos off my computer, so there aren't that many folders...and much of what is on my computer now is photos of yarn. *yawn*

So I went to my Flickr account. The sixth-most-recent page of photos is full of yarn pictures, but I can go to my older pictures. I've got 218 pages of photos on Flickr, so I'm pulling the sixth photo from page 213--the sixth page of photos I uploaded there.

Meet Oreo:

Oreo & Sam

This photo was taken 20 November 2005--Oreo's 8th birthday. I adopted her 17 November 2001, and she was wonderful. She was such a good dog that I was prompted to adopt Sam the next year--much to Oreo's dismay. (As you can see from this photo, Sam's tendency to sleep half on top of his sofa-mates is not a recent thing.)

Oreo broke her leg on 29 March 2006. The next day, she died when she threw a pulmonary embolism during orthopedic surgery to implant a pin in her leg. I bawled for days...but I kept a promise to her and put in an adoption application a week after she died. Jacey came home with me on 8 April 2006. A little later that month, I uploaded all my photos of Oreo to my Flickr account.

My first photograph of Oreo, taken 17 November 2001.

I still miss this girl (she'd be 11 now). She was a prodigious smiler: she wrinkled her nose, showed all her teeth, and swirled her tail like a helicopter propeller. She was a good demo-dog in Jen's training class; she'd gamely follow any treat you waved in front of her if you wanted her to "down." (She also greeted Jen by sniffing her pockets. Smart girl.) Oreo frequently growled at Sam when he got out of line, but he quickly learned that she wouldn't hurt him; he just looked off in the distance (rather than facing her head-on) and continued doing what he was doing--pretending that she wasn't right there, growling, hackles up, and all.

Maybe the highest tribute I can pay Oreo is to say that she made it impossible for me not to have greyhounds in my life.

Love you, good girl.


Addie said...

That is a great picture, and a very sweet and touching post. Oreo sounds like a really, really wonderful girl. I'd have loved to have seen that smile.

Thanks for sharing. :-)


Zan said...

What a wonderful tribute to Oreo. She was a very special girl!!

Thanks for sharing her story!!

Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

Loved the pictures of your beautiful girl... wish I could have met her. What a great smile!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I remember Oreo in class, she was a good girl :-).