Friday, June 27, 2008

Letting sleeping dogs, um, ...

Sam, curled up at my feet. 00432

Jacey, next to me on the sofa. 00430

It's been a lovely day off.

I had a proofreading job to do, so I stayed up late last night doing part of it, napped on the sofa for a bit, then finished the job and emailed it off this morning. Between Wednesday and Thursday nights, I picked up an extra $200 proofreading.

I napped a bit more after I sent out the email, but I didn't sleep the day away. I've been watching Sense and Sensibility on DVD while I knit a baby sweater for a coworker who's due in November.

BSJ 1. 00436

BSJ 2. 00435

The pattern is the Baby Surprise Jacket, designed by knitting wizard Elizabeth Zimmermann. Knitting a BSJ is a work of faith. You knit what appears to be a fuzzy manta ray, stitch up two minor seams, and wind up with a baby jacket. Probably.

The yarn is Omega Sinfonia, a shiny (mercerized) cotton yarn; the photos are pretty color-accurate. I'm not a particularly fast knitter, which is why I'm only 34 rows into this 114-row pattern. But it's going well, I think (you never know with this pattern), and I'm enjoying working on it. It's a nice watching-TV project. Since I don't go in tomorrow until the late shift, I can stay up tonight, knitting and watching TCM's tribute to Cyd Charisse (Singin' in the Rain, The Band Wagon, and Silk Stockings).

The remodeling project at work has been a bit messy and noisy. Things are supposed to be back to more-or-less normal for Saturday; certainly, by the time I go in at 12:30 they should have worked out whatever kinks the builders leave after their shift tonight. Then I work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before I get another day off. I'm off Wednesday, work Thursday, then am off Friday, the 4th. On the 4th we're having a family get-together at my parents', and the dogs are going up with me.

I sent out two packages on Monday. I know they both reached their destinations, which is reassuring. If the folks at my post office ran the whole postal service, there'd be no problems. The local folks are bright, knowledgeable, efficient, and well-mannered. I knew my packages would get out okay; I just wasn't sure about the destination-end. And on Monday I also delivered the 30th anniversary doily I made my sister and her husband. I got sort of efficient on Monday. It happens occasionally.

Back to work on the sweater...

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