Monday, November 1, 2010


Those of us who work with greyhound rescue, especially those of us with ties to Florida greyhound racing and rescue, are reeling after a weekend of horror.

The authorities know of 41 greyhounds tortured and starved to death by their trainer in Washington County, Florida. Four greyhounds are undergoing vet care but may not survive, and more victims may be found as the trainer's home is searched. Another 8 dogs made it into a rescue program last Monday, before the deaths were discovered. (It was concern voiced by the rescue group over the state of a couple of the 8 dogs that got the authorities to investigate; one of the rescued dogs had lost 15 pounds in the 30 days since his last race, and that triggered all kinds of alarms since 15 pounds is about 20 percent of a healthy greyhound's body weight.)

I'm not going to post links to the articles. You don't need to see the details...or pictures of the survivors. The trainer is in custody and is facing felony charges.

Just--hug your dogs. And if you see a dog wearing a donation jacket at a meet and greet in your area, slip a dollar or two into the pocket on the jacket.