Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NoNoNoNo 4-13

Dogs in torment:



No one's tongue is long enough!

Note: The dogs were supervised the whole time they were polishing off the peanut butter jars. When they no longer could lick and started to chew the jars, I took the jars from them, scraped out the last tablespoon of peanut butter (extra crunchy), and spread it on a dog biscuit. If you try this at home, make sure you have enough jars to have one for each dog. Otherwise, there could be warfare.

Yesterday, it was turkey necks. Waiting for delivery:


(Note that they're hooked to different posts in the carport.)

Sam is concentrating:


The lady-like Jacey:


(The SciFi channel recently reran the original series V. Remember how the aliens could dislocate their lower jaws to devour huge chunks of food--something that boa constrictors can do, too? Jacey may be an alien. Or a boa.)

The landscapers recently cleared lots of vegetation and debris from the banks of the creek. See the 3-foot-diameter pipes?


Compare that to the same location in September:


That's a very sturdy little bridge. If it goes, though, I'm stranded. There's no way out of the condo complex that doesn't involve crossing that bridge. And there have been a couple of occasions when water has been over the top of the bridge. Fortunately, I live on the high bank--and the high end of the high bank--so I'm actually not in the flood plain.

And some local vegetation seems confused about what season it is:




But this tree seems to be getting into the seasonal spirit:



Life With Dogs said...

I don't know about you, but I find a near empty jar of peanut butter to be the perfect dogsitter! ;)

Sistertex said...

Your Jacey is nearly a twin for my Scooter.

Beautiful hounds...love your blog. Love Greyhounds! Hope you will visit and meet my hounds too!