Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No! No! No! No!

No, this isn't another NoNoNoNo photo post.

I've totally botched the Ice Queen cowl I was making. I've frogged it, and I'm going to start it again. I'm inexplicably dropping stitches and not discovering it until 40+ rows later. The stitches weren't unraveling (thanks to my lifelines), but they were too far away--and there are yarnovers and knit-togethers--and it was just not possible to recover.

(This photo is about 20 rows in. I had 60+ rows when I ripped back.)

But I am not going to be defeated by simple yarnovers and knit-togethers. It's a simple feather-and-fan pattern(!), and I've done that before. I think the problem is just super-thin yarn on very slippery needles. Since the yarn sticks to itself a bit (it's alpaca), dropped stitches don't show up as such. I only noticed several unattached loops as I was looking back at the beginning section. I'm just going to have to be obsessive about counting stitches (there are 26 to 18 stitches in each pattern repeat); and if there's a stitch missing I've got to stop assuming that I skipped a yarnover and start looking for something that has been dropped.


Rainy Daisy said...

This is beautiful! The thin yarn/thick needles combination definitely needs some getting-used-to. Don't give up! How could you possibly resist so much lovely alpaca around your neck?

Kathy said...

Stitch markers after every repeat. I nearly cried working on my first lace project - I'd purl all the way back and then at the end of the row realize I'd missed a stitch 3 rows before... tinking 160+ stitches of alpaca. There was no repeat, but I put a stitch marker in the middle so that if I got to the middle stitch but wasn't at the middle marker (or vice versa) I knew I'd made a mistake in that first half. Just put in a stitch marker after each repeat and then you'll only have to tink 18-28 stitches! There are beautiful ones, or you can use some plastic ones for $3/10 or use spiral-less safety pins. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

{crying} I hate it when that happens.

greytblackdog said...

UGH! I always try and think - i get to enjoy knitting it all over again. :)