Monday, March 16, 2009


I have to go to Forest Park today to pick up some blades and shears that were being sharpened. I've tried all morning to call to see if the stuff is done, but the line has been busy. The line's not busy now--but they're all at lunch. I'll try again after noon. I'm already not happy about driving 27 miles (each way) in the rain, so I'd like to get this done and over with--especially since I'm taking more blades and shears to be sharpened, so I have to do this whole thing again on my next day off (Friday). (Finally got through to them on the phone, and my stuff is ready. Now to kill 90 minutes picking this stuff up.)

I've had to order new safety eyes for the stuffed greyhound. The pattern calls for 18mm eyes, which I can't find in stores or even on-line from the big-name retailers (Crafts, Etc! or Jo-Ann's). I bought some 15mm eyes (Hobby Lobby) and put them in, but I don't like them. (A greyhound with little beady eyes? Never!) I found an Etsy store selling eyes, and I've ordered from them. They have a set of "mixed" 18mm eyes, one pair in "brown" and one pair in "translucent brown," as well as several other colors. I also ordered a set of 20mm eyes, five pairs in "translucent brown." I may go with the larger eyes, but we'll see how they look when they get here. Meanwhile, I already put in the 15mm eyes, so I'm going to have to rip back to that point (only a dozen rounds or so) to get those out. I think I'll put the head on hold and just go work on legs. I'm thinking this dog will have white toes, but I haven't decided whether she* should have white toes on all four feet or not. Suggestions are welcome. (All the toes on one foot will be a single color--either the buff color or white; the pattern doesn't lend itself to three white toes and one brown.)

But before I can work on the legs today, I have more greyhound files to do. Last night I finished up the NLCC rules book and sent it to Kinko's. (I haven't heard from them today, so I assume it's going okay.) Now I need to do a tri-fold brochure for NLCC. I'll do that when I get back from the blade place.

*The greyhound doesn't have boy bits, so I'm calling it a girl.

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Life With Dogs said...

Something tells me you could whip up some boy bits and add them later id so desired ;)