Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kissing Cousins--Not!

Greys Robin Hood is a greyhound in foster care here in Georgia. He's a very tall, very long, 80-pound white-with-black 3-year-old greyhound. With a high prey-drive.

I saw his photo on a friend's blog and thought he looked a lot like my 5-year-old Jacey, so I went to the Greyhound Racing and Breeding Database and entered Robin and Jacey (fka Pinerun Torri) so that both dogs would show up on the same screen. It turns out they're cousins (that's first cousins once removed). Jacey's grandpa and Robin's great-grandpa are the same, a dog named Greys Statesman. (Greys Statesman is Jacey's only US-registered grandparent; the other three were all registered in Ireland.)

Robin's markings are very distinctive. The boy's got a patch of white that looks like a Texas Longhorn. You can see his interesting logomark--and hear a bit more about him--on my friend's blog here.


Zan said...

So, does Jacey want a very large high prey brother??? Just kidding...ducking and running!!!

KF-in-Georgia said...

Actually, Zan, she's already got one. ;)

At 67 pounds, Sam's not as big as Robin (Robin raced at 80 pounds), but he's got the high-prey part down pat.