Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been quiet.

DSC00670 Vintage Rose

It's been very quiet. I've been knitting my fingers off--and sent two items (a crocheted doily and a knitted feather-and-fan scarf) off to SEGA to sell in the silent auction at Greyfest. I'm working on two baby sweaters, and I'm playing with the pattern, frogging, and reknitting to get decreases I like. (I've gotten the kinks out of the increases--that part's fine.)

SSK K2tog front
I like this one. Tidy and unobtrusive.

SSK K1 K2tog and purl front
Less happy with this one. Too "look-at-me" obvious.

I've bought yarn for a third baby sweater and for two me-sweaters (a Wonderful Wallaby and a February Lady Sweater), and I'm still working on Sam's sweater, although it hasn't gone well. (I frogged back three inches of gacked up ribbing. Sam wouldn't care, but I would. And I can knit better than that--usually.)

I have vacation time coming up and no money to go anywhere. I'm planning to stay home and knit and listen to audio books. The first day of vacation is Greyfest, so that will be busy and hectic. Day 2 of vacation is the condo association board meeting (blech!), and I may give my proxy to someone else and let them be bored witless; I think we're not expecting any fights this year. There's also the Cobb County Library sale, held on the second weekend of my vacation. And I have to run a bunch of errands: get grooming tools sharpened (ack! $$$!), get paperwork signed so I can file insurance claims on the expensive Sam, and I'll early-vote.

Let's see: the third baby sweater, two me-sweaters, Sam's sweater, a doily for a friend who's just moved to a new place, and a full queue of other things on Ravelry. Oh, and the Molly Weasley sweater to knit and crochet. And only 16 days off. I think I'm gonna need a time warp.

The dogs are fine. Things are very slow at work, so I came home at lunchtime, grabbed the dogs, and took them back with me for baths. The clean dogs are sulking a bit--but they smell very nice, and have clean ears and Dremeled-short nails.

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Patti said...

The two doily and scarf you sent are beautiful. Such good work and we appreciate it. Just enjoy your time off and relax with Sam and Jacey! Happy vacation!