Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yarn-y stuff

I finished the Mother's Day sweater I was making for my mother--finished with a week to spare.

Sweater 235 Square side Sweater 237 Round side

I'm picturing mother maybe wearing this under her suit jackets on Sundays. (It isn't a vest, but it was easier to photograph if I put a dark shirt under it.) The yarn is a cotton-acrylic blend, and not too hot. Which side is the front? Well, that's just it. You can have a square neckline or a round one, whichever you choose.

I had to modify the pattern. The original stitch pattern for the yoke of the sweater was destroying my wrist--and taking forever to do. So I ripped it back and substituted a different stitch pattern, one that was kinder to my wrists and worked up faster. (Four rows/inch instead of six.)

Sweater 239 closeup Sweater 240 RSC

I have two of three baby sweaters knitted, but not stitched up. That will happen...soonish. Sweater 3 is underway. No pictures here. So there.

I went shopping for yarn Friday. I wasn't particularly looking for sock yarn, but three different kinds shoved themselves at me. One, in fact, leapt into my hands and refused to leave. Oh, boy!

DSC00226 DSC00222

DSC00227 DSC00231

My next crochet project will be a doily for my sister. In June, she and her husband will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. There's an unusual doily pattern I have, and I have garnet-colored thread to use (the lower part of the wall in their dining room is that color). I alternate crochet with knitting to give my wrists a break.

Garnet Cebelia 10 3

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