Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr Potato Head

Sam seemed fine with his little bit of dinner last night. But at about 1 am, he got up out of my bed (thank you, boy) and barfed in the bedroom. (He upchucked on a blanket that I'd kicked off the bed. The blanket is easier to clean than the carpet would have been. Good dog!)

I worried about the possibility that a muzzled Sam might throw up breakfast while I was at work today and start choking, so he went to work with me, and so did Jacey. Sam wouldn't settle down at work, and I slipped him a Benadryl to try to make him a bit groggy. He laid down for a little while, but spent much of the day standing up in the kennel. And every time I take him outside...eeeeww. I'm betting on four or more potatoes, just based on what's coming out of him. But his breakfast stayed down.

We got home from work, and while I was doing something else, Sam went exploring in the kitchen. The first I knew of it was when I heard dishes clinking in the kitchen sink. Dishes I'd left in the sink this morning had caught his attention. There was a bit of dish soap in the plate he was licking, but it doesn't seem to have discouraged him. Apparently, Mr Potato Head thinks dishwashing liquid is a condiment.

Sam's sacked out and sleeping soundly, now. He missed his serious sleep today since he was at work with me. (The dogs didn't get baths, but did get their nails Dremeled. They had baths last week.) I'm off work tomorrow, and I'll spend the day at home with the dogs and see how Sam is doing.

Jacey's 5th birthday is Monday, and I'm off work that day, too. I have treats and toys and we'll have the full birthday "blowout."

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