Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe not dumb...

Sam may have hidden talents.

Yes, he's notorious for stealing goodies from the kitchen while muzzled, then revealing his stash of goodies when I get home...while he is still muzzled. But it may not be a thief's stupidity that is "blowing the gaff." He may just have a persistent case of bad timing.

Today I went grocery shopping. (It was either that, or force the dogs to share. Lamb and rice kibble, anyone?) When I got home, a still-muzzled Sam stood there in the kitchen and watched me put groceries away. I put the new loaf of bread on top of the refrigerator, the one place where Sam can't (quite) reach it. About 30 seconds later, the loaf fell off the refrigerator and landed in the floor at my feet. Did I not have it firmly in place? Did I have it too close to the edge of the refrigerator?

Or has Sam perhaps--just perhaps--learned telekinesis? Telekinesis and the power of positive thinking?

Heaven help me if the boy ever perfects his timing and learns to do this when his muzzle is off.

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