Friday, March 14, 2008

My camera stinks!

At least, for anything like a detail shot.

This is the "detail shot" of a doily I just finished:


The color is much more accurate on this photo:


I've been working on a baby sweater. The pattern was fine until it got to the sleeve. The first problem with the pattern's sleeve had to do with the instructions for the cuff. Babies are not noted for keeping those fingers tucked in when you're trying to get a sleeve over their hands, so you really don't want the sleeve cuff to be super-tiny and tight. I fixed that, then worked the sleeve to the row specified for the 0-6 months size. I kept staring at that sleeve, thinking, "No way." But what do I know about baby clothes?

So I went to Target and bought a baby's one-piece sleep outfit in 6-months size. Granted, this might be the high range of the 6-months' size, and sleep outfits are looser and longer-limbed than sweaters need to be, but I think there's a problem with my knitted sweater:

Baby sweater problem

I think I'm gonna need at least one more pattern repeat in there... (And I'm knitting right on target for gauge, so that's not my problem.)

And I've started a sweater for my mother for Mother's Day. Actually, I've started the swatch, which is not quite the same as having started the sweater. ;)

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LittleWit said...

That doily is quite lovely. I am amazed at your camera's ability to manipulate color! It would almost be a cool trick if you weren't going for accuracy. :)