Monday, January 28, 2008

Work Stuff

I'm spending the last few days of chilly January cuddled up to a cold-pack. A German Shepherd pulled me off my feet yesterday at work. I twisted as I fell to avoid landing on my hands (great way to break an arm). I intended to land on my well-padded butt, but my back connected with the corner of the door frame before my butt hit the floor. (Contact was along the ribs, just south of my shoulder blade.) Nothing broke, and I'm just having muscle pain. Sorta like a crick in your neck when you move wrong, but this "cricks" when I bend over or pick up a dog--things I do fairly often in my line of work. I filed an accident report, so that I'm covered if this doesn't get better. The Medcor nurse said large muscle injuries can take a week before they feel better. Yay. (But I was able to answer "no" to the nurse's big questions: Sharp pain? Difficulty breathing? Walking funny?)

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Jennifer said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better!