Thursday, January 24, 2008

Idiom of the day

I bought the edition of Interweave Crochet that had the hat pattern I liked. I bought it on my day off (Tuesday), when I was out running errands that included recycling, Home Depot, grocery shopping, and the post office. (I was errand-running from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm--a marathon of 60 miles and 7 stops. Some day off.) The magazine, purchased from a yarn store 20 miles away, cost $7.99 and had only one pattern that I really liked--the hat.

So imagine my displeasure when I discovered last night that the milk that leaked in the trunk on Tuesday had damaged the magazine. By the time I discovered the damage, the milk had dried, leaving pages stuck together and un-pry-apart-able. (Yeah, I tried. Half the instructions from one page are stuck to the facing page.) The milk also hit the yarn, which, thank heavens, is washable. I washed the yarn last night (it's still in a skein, which makes it easy to wash), and it's hanging to dry. (By the way, I've forgiven Sam for showing an inordinate interest in my bag of yarn...and the milky magazine.)

The magazine is useless. I'm not inclined to buy another copy, and I don't think the local library has a copy I could make a photocopy from. So--I'll just make a different hat. There's a pattern I've done before, very easy, and I probably can knock it out pretty fast. This pattern is in a Leisure Arts book I already own: Caps, Hats and Helmets to knit and crochet--32 patterns for $2.50.

Yeah, you can see the idiom coming at you: No use crying over spilt milk.

And a side note: I probably will not buy another Interweave magazine. This was the first one I'd bought, and nothing impresses me nearly as much as the inflated price. The photography isn't even useful. Imagine a lovely shawl on the front cover--photographed from the back of the model--and the inside photo of the shawl also is a back view. There's no view of the front of the shawl, and unless the wearer plans to walk around backwards (or just wear the shawl that way), she probably wants to know how the thing looks from the front!

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