Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Jacey learns squeaky toys

Jacey is learning the joys of squeaky toys.

Jacey Learns Toys

My employer has "Associate Shopping Days" twice a year, when employees can double their normal 15% discount. I shopped yesterday ($156US after the discount): four 40-pound bags of dog food (all I could fit in my car), two 4-pound boxes of treats, two new leashes, and a couple of toys. Since she's been here, Jacey hasn't had any toys that squeak because Sam's killed any squeakers. (Oreo's old gorilla at the bottom of the picture was de-squeaked years ago.) So Jacey got a toy--a reindeer--and I've put it in her ex-pen so Sam can't get it. (He's tried lifting the ex-pen to steal the reindeer out from under it. He's very determined.) The ex-pen is where Jacey retreats to eat, enjoy a Kong, or play with toys without interference from Sam. The throws draped over the sides of the pen are there to give her some privacy and prevent her from being intimidated by the sight of Sam looming over her and drooling.

Of course, Sam got a new toy, too.

Sam Knows Toys

It's a miniature fishing creel (I only know that because there's a fish appliqued on the top), super-stuffed and with a squeaker. Five minutes after I took this picture, he'd ripped off a corner so he could get some of the stuffing out. That makes it easier to squeeze to make it squeak. So far, he hasn't killed the squeaker; he's far more interested in getting his teeth on Jacey's toy (the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence--or ex-pen).

Sam's collar--and new leash--have reflective paint designed to help make the dog more visible outside at night. I don't know how well they'll reflect headlights, but they do a bang-up job with camera flashes. Jacey's got a matching set in red.

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