Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We interrupt this obedience update to bring you the following commercial announcement

We have not suddenly discovered an obedience gene in Silver, although the obstinacy gene is there. We're still looking for the other one.

Blue-Green-Purple Pointy Greyhound Hood

Meanwhile, SEGA is holding its online auction fundraiser, with items for dogs, dog lovers, and pretty much everyone else on the planet.

There are art prints and photographs--some greyhound-related, others not. There's a lovely original 12" x 12" acrylic painting.

Greyhound Snood

Not yet advertised on the auction site is that there's a hat that matches this snood. We'll probably add the hat to the auction at the last minute as a bonus add-on to the snood:


There are books on greyhounds, an actual racetrack lure from the track at Ebro, specialty services like one hour of behavior training (Silver!), a photography session, and a session with an animal communicator. A canine first aid kit, t-shirts and sweaters for people, a donation jacket and sweaters for dogs. Snoods, pointy hats,  and a crocheted footstool (I'd never dare rest my feet on!).

Hand-made wooden items, ceramic mugs, bowls, and plates. An Oriental rug.

A one-week stay (for up to 4 people; no pets) at the Lodge Alley Inn in Charleston, South Carolina, for the week of 30 August through 5 September 2013.

A king-size quilt with dog-themed prints, machine- and hand-quilted, with the binding hand-quilted by the donor's 94-year-old aunt.

Hand-made note cards, jewelry, a new Coach shoulder bag, a camera bag, gift baskets of goodies for dogs and for people. Martingale collars galore, dog bowls, statues and figurines.

For Barbie collectors--a set of nine Holiday Barbies.

There is a pendant I'm not listing here; I've bid on it, so please keep your fingers off. :) And I'm also not advertising the pink Perla bed I've bid on. I've often been tempted to order one online (although not necessarily a pink one), but the shipping usually adds another $20 to the price. If I buy it locally, I can pick it up and save myself the shipping charges. If both dogs like it, I'll order a second one through Amazon Prime.

Pointy Pink Greyhound Hood

◊ ● ◊ ● ◊ ● ◊

Lately, I've been taking the dogs out back to pee instead of out front, where the asphalt is so hot. The dogs and I are going out back even after dark, and I wanted some lighted collars so we could all watch our footing on the uneven ground. I ordered two of these collars, and I've already discovered some drawbacks to them (and posted a review on Amazon). But these will do well enough, for now, and I might borrow one now and then to hang around my own neck to illuminate my knitting.

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