Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sam's having a bad day. When his back is bothering him, he frequently tries to shake, as if he had a coat full of water. That shaking hurts, and he stops the shake quickly...until he tries again a minute or two later. That's been going on today. So he had a muscle relaxer about 3pm and a meloxicam at dinner. He can have another muscle relaxer at bedtime.

This morning, I finished the first five chapters of the novel I'm proofing, and sent them back to the author. Since then, I've been knitting. I've got the apple-green shawl through Chart B; the brown shawl is now half-through Chart B. Chart C has been released, and it's going to be a bear: 24 rows on each repeat of the chart, and I need to work it four times (I think). The one consolation is that each pair of rows is 4 stitches shorter than the previous pair of rows. (Pictures Monday or Tuesday...I hope.) Chart D (the last one) is due out on Thursday.

On the other shawl, I haven't even started the third clue; the fourth (final) clue was released today. I'm planning to work on that shawl later tonight, I think, even if I haven't finished Chart B on the brown.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Poor Sam. :-( Greyhounds do seem to be prone to spinal injuries.

KF-in-Georgia said...

My vet is really puzzled that Sam keeps having problems right at his withers. The vet expects the problem area to be lower, but Sam keeps jamming up T9-10.