Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tomorrow: The Vet

Sam and Jacey go to the vet's tomorrow for their dental cleanings. I'm not thrilled about having them under anesthesia, so I'm a bit stressed.

The vet's office called. They wanted me to drop the duo off tonight by 7:30 so the vet could start them really early tomorrow. (He comes in early to beat the traffic.) But I told them that I'd had Sam sleeping in my bed for 5 and a half years, and I wouldn't be able to sleep without him around. I also wasn't happy about the idea of having the dogs at the vet's office for nearly 12 hours before the vet even started on them. So they're still home with me tonight. They're getting a few treats this evening; all food and water stops at 11 pm.

I drop the dogs at the vet between 8 and 9. Then I can run a few errands. I'll probably wind up back at the vet's early--maybe with my knitting in hand--to wait until the dogs are ready to come home.

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