Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby Afghan...

The baby afghan I made for a friend's grandbaby-to-be has arrived safely at her house (thank you, USPS).

The fancy doily I made back in May was from a pineapple-pattern called "Exquisite," and I made the doily in cream-colored thread. I had already picked a cream-colored yarn for the baby afghan, and I stumbled on a pineapple-pattern for an afghan named "Exquisite"--it seemed meant-to-be:

Baby afghan

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wendysmith99 (ravelry) said...

I made this exact same afghan for a Queen size bed. No easy feat as I am sure you are well aware of. Yours is beautiful, I will have to get pics to post of mine as well! It took me forever to find just the right yarn for this pattern as it seemed that nothing seemed just perfect for the pattern so you were lucky in that you already had it!