Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Gotcha Day, Jacey-Kasey

A year ago, your separation anxiety sent you on binges of destruction when I left you at home. Today, you dance gleefully into your crate at the command “Jacey in the box!” You know a cookie is coming.

A year ago, you were terrified of the spiral stairs. Today, you fly from your nest of pillows on my bed upstairs, down the hall, down the stairs, to the kitchen doorway in less than 10 seconds when you hear (or dream) a noise from the kitchen.

A year ago, you hid behind Sam and me when a stranger approached. Today, you push Sam out of the way to be first in line for some lovin’ from strangers.

A year ago, when Sam snapped at you, you ducked. Today, Sam’s intimidated if you growl at him in your sleep. (Congratulations on that, by the way. Oreo was never able to keep him in line that well.)

A year ago, if I raised my voice, you flinched as if you thought you were going to be hit. Today, … Well, I think the ship’s sailed on that one, kid. (But it’s kinda embarrassing when you do that in public.)

A year ago, I signed the adoption contract on Pinerun Torri. Today, you’re Jacey-Kasey, and you act as if you’ve never known another home, another life.

It’s 8 April. Happy Gotcha Day, Jacey-Kasey!

Jacey 18

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