Monday, March 19, 2007


I wish I could get to my camera to take a picture, but if I move the dogs will wake up.

Jacey is asleep in one of the nest beds on the sofa. Sam is next to her. He was sleeping on a pillow, but apparently he decided he needed more room.

He has pushed the pillow on top of Jacey and he's got his head resting on it. The only part of Jacey that's still visible is her butt.

Sam's in the proverbial dog house. No, not for his sleeping habits. But he's done one wrong thing after another after another for the last few days. The final straw today was when I told him "No!" over something, he backed off, I turned my back for half a second, turned around and caught him going right back in the "No!" direction. So now he's being "tethered." He's on a four-foot leash, and he goes everywhere I go. He can't wander off and get in trouble. He's not liking it, but it's one way of getting his attention. And it certainly limits the mayhem he can least, on my day off today.

Edited to add: Sam moved off the pillow, and Jacey has now pushed it back onto Sam...and she's got her head on it. So now it's just Sam's butt that's sticking out.

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