Saturday, April 8, 2006

Her new name is Jacey-Kasey...

...Jacey for short. That's in honor of the Jefferson County Kennel Club, site of her *cough* illustrious *cough cough* racing career. And some name-origin sites give Kasey an Irish/Gaelic origin, so that honors her Irish ancestry.
Jacey-Kasey Jacey-Kasey
Her first day home...
Jacey-Kasey Jacey-Kasey
Her first day... I love her ears: the right one flips back, the left one flips forward.

She and Sam aren't best buddies, but they haven't quarreled any. They sniff each other occasionally, but that's about all. She hasn't settled in yet--she hasn't relaxed enough to nap, although she's on the couch right now (but she's panting a lot). She's tolerated having her ears cleaned and her extra-long toenails Dremeled (the perils of living with a dog groomer), and she's drinking water, but she hasn't eaten anything. (Sam's thinking, "That just means more for me!")

She's very sweet, not nervous about meeting new people, but suffering sensory overload right now, I think. She's never lived outside a kennel, so she doesn't know mirrors, televsions, couches (she needed to be boosted up), squirrels, birds, etc. She's not great on leash, yet; she doesn't pull, but she weaves from one point of interest to another, disregarding what that will do with her leash and Sam's leash and everyone's legs.

Jacey's gotten a bit chubby since her retirement: she's gained 6 pounds (more than 10% of her weight) since her last race (9 February 2006), and Sam--who's taller and longer than she is--only outweighs her by three-tenths of a pound. She has an appointment with Sam's vet on Tuesday--a new-dog check-up, and she'll get microchipped.

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